Sugar! before or after hot water or never?

Well it's a bit of dilemma for coffee drinkers who like to have some sweetness in the morning along with a high dose of caffeine.

If you do use sugar in the coffee, have you ever wondered whether putting sugar before the hot water makes it better taste or just throwing in couple of spoonful right at the end is better? The decision is far more difficult if you are drinking Cappuccino or Latte - the frothy sisters who resist mixing with sugar....

For me, it took few years to learn the skill of correctly mixing the sugar and coffee to have that sweet and sour (another blog is required to debate sour vs bitter) taste.

Initially, I would put sugar in my cappuccino right at the end - just two tablespoons of brown sugar. But then I noticed the sweetness remains in the top half mug and the bottom is slightly less sweet - which was totally unacceptable!

Then I started to put couple of spoons at the start right when putting the coffee or when I put my coffee mug under the machine. The results were not very different as the bottom half of the coffee mug would be sweeter than the top half. 

After a lot of trial and error, I realized that the best way is to keep putting the sugar slowly while the coffee is being prepared and continue stirring, so that coffee and sugar are nicely mixed at all levels. This made my coffee making process a hell more difficult but worth for a nice sweet frothy full mug at the start of day.